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Litigation Management

Companies are often represented in litigation by various attorneys and law firms, as dictated by the subject matter involved or the availability of insurance coverage. Coordinating and managing multiple litigation matters is often non-productive, while staff are often confused and unsure about whether or with whom to cooperate. Litigation Management Services allow the firm to serve as a buffer between the client and its litigation counsel. Litigation Management provides a constant where the client’s staff are not forced to keep up with a variety of attorneys. Litigation Management also provides for multiple legal matters to be coordinated and corporate management provided with the means to analyze its overall litigation strategy in a more comprehensive fashion.

Like Outside General Counsel services, successful Litigation Management requires familiarity with varied practice areas. The firm’s trial experience provides it with a basic understanding fundamental to analyzing and directing all litigation matters. However, meaningful analysis and coordination is enhanced by the firm’s exposure to vast, diverse practice areas.

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