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Cannabis Industry Consultation

Some form of medical marijuana legalization has now been approved by voters in twenty-nine (29) states. So far, eight (8) states and the District of Columbia have voted to legalize recreational use. The ever-expanding legal cannabis industry provides unlimited new business opportunities for risk-tolerant entrepreneurs. The legal morass created by the inconsistencies between state and federal laws affecting this industry offers few reliable answers. For those persons desiring assistance in this area, we would be pleased to offer our services.

The legal cannabis industry also offers an extensive array of legal investment opportunities for those qualified investors willing to withstand the uncertainty that the future holds for this industry. As with any emerging market, for every investment opportunity in a legitimate, substantial industry, there are plenty of scams and schemes. We can help provide an analysis of the potential risks associated with an investment opportunity from the standpoint of applicable law. We can provide opinions about the legal ramifications of particular legal cannabis investing opportunities.

[This is not an offer to sell or a solicitation for the sale of any Security. This is not an offer to engage in any illegal activity or to facilitate any illegal activity, any implication of which is hereby disavowed and rejected.]
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