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Probate Law Questions

How much will it cost to probate a will or to have an administration if there is no Will?

The legal cost of probating a will or opening an administration in Texas will depend on (a) the type of probate; (b) the type of property involved; and (c) whether there are disputes among the interested parties. For an independent administration where the interested parties are cooperative and on good terms, the legal fees may be over a few thousand dollars. On the other hand, litigation involving will contests can produce exorbitant costs.

How long will it take?

Filing an application for probate can be done as soon as the will is located and a death certificate has been issued. Although it varies from county to county, most of the time, the will can be probated and letters testamentary issued within a month of when the application for probate was filed.

Why can’t it be done quicker?

Because the law requires a certain period of time for people that may have an interest in the estate to be given a chance to show up and make the court aware of their desire to participate.

Will you agree to keep the fees below a certain amount?

We can usually estimate the cost involved in getting the will admitted to probate; however, that does not mean we would be able to estimate the costs involved in administering the estate. Also, an estimate can only be as certain as the information on which it is based. So, if there is a will contest that no one anticipated, the costs will be much greater than any estimate contemplated.

Laura Severt

Laura Severt

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